360 Spherical Comb - Easy To Dry Your Hair - Unique Styling Hair Brush - Eliminates Frizz Hair

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Comb your hair by 360 degrees! The spherical comb is designed to create a new and different type of hairstyles. The hair comb is mainly designed to disentangle the curly hair, rough hair, and gives comfort to drying the medium or short length hair. The spherical hair comb makes you free from dandruff by massaging your scalp and also avoids cuticle frizz.

The spherical comb is easy to handle and you can keep it in your bag or, makeup purse. Perfect for girls who are having long fragile hair and as well as it is suitable for anyone who wants frizz-free hair. Style your hair by spherical style comb to eliminate frizz!


  • The 360 spherical combs avert hair tangle from the curly hair, rough hair, and so on
  • The curl comb is useful to make a different style hair curls according to your preference
  • Eliminates dandruff from the hair by massaging your scalp smoothly
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry with you anywhere
  • You can make a great gift to your friend who loves the hair for different hairstyles