Flexible Smartphone Dock And Charging Cable – Charge Your Phone With Ease And Style!

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When we come back to detach our phones from the charging points, we sometimes find them in odd positions and sometimes on the floor. While driving as well, if you want to navigate through maps while also charging your phone, it might get a little chaotic. At times, due to wrong placement of phone, while charging, the USB cable ends up being damaged. The flexible smartphone dock and charging cable is a one-stop solution to these daily-life inconveniences. It is a charging cable that comes with a dock for holding your phone in place while you are driving, traveling, watching a movie or doing any other task.  Since the phone is held firmly in the right place, this product also ensures a long-life for your charging cable.

The cable comes for all kinds of charging ports, the iPhone, Android or a type C. The charging dock is attractive and lightweight. It would make for a good addition to your gadget family.


  • Compatible with iPhone, Android and type C
  • Lightweight and convenient during traveling
  • For connecting and charging, it includes USB-to-Micro-USB cable
  • Makes sure your phone stays in place while it is being charged


  • Available Colors: Black / Silver