Starfish Pendant Set – Unique Design and Durable – Boost Your Overall Look!

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Add a burst of color to your overall look with our amazing pendant set! Now available in two different colors, the excellent starfish shape of the accessory will surely be able to complement your overall look no matter whichever outfit you are wearing. Thus, you will be able to wear it on any special occasion such as an anniversary party or a birthday party. Also, as our pendant set is extremely durable, you can choose to pair it up with any of your normal outfits to improve your regular look by a mile.  

Our pendant set does not only come with a smooth finish but also weighs much lighter than the other pendant sets in the market. Because of this reason, you will be able to wear it for a much longer period without feeling any kind of discomfort.

So, if you like our amazing starfish pendant set, then do not hesitate and order it now! Otherwise, someone else might steal your chance to catch everyone’s eyes. 


  • Matches perfectly with your beach-loving lifestyle
  • Our pendant set features a pair of exquisite earrings and a beautiful necklace
  • Both the earrings and the necklace are extremely durable as they are made with 100% authentic ingredients
  • Gives a stunning and astonishing look when paired with the perfect outfits
  • Can be a great gift idea for your loved ones such as your close friends as well as the family members such as your mother, sister or daughter


  • Color: Silver/Gold
  • Shape: Starfish