Unique Planet Bead Bracelet – Just Out of This World!

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Wear the solar system on your wrist with this trendy bracelet! It is beautifully made out of great quality material with natural stone beads. It will soon find a place in your favorites and will become the accessory you reach out for every day. It may look delicate but it will surprise you with its durability. The beautiful colors and charming design will look good on every hand and suit every personality. It has the potential to be added to your signature look. You may never leave the house without it ever again!

Pick this gorgeous bracelet for yourself or gift it to your loved ones. It is great for each member of a girl squad to have one of these. Build on the bond between your squad by gifting one to all. It adds to your team spirit and your squad might just stay as close as the planets forever!


  • Made using the guaranteed quality materials
  • Comfortable, safe and easy to wear
  • Studded with stones that represent the different planets
  • The trendy look that will pair well with all outfit colors
  • Makes a great gifting idea


  • Material: Natural stone beads